Local Exchange
Trade without money

If there's something you need,
trade it for something you can do.


HOW DOES Norfolk Local Exchange WORK?

Members exchange goods, services and skills with a currency called Lokes. The Members’ Area of the website contains a directory of Offers and Wants, which can be updated at any time. Once you are a member, you will be able to see contact details of other members and be able to email or telephone them to arrange any trades. You can choose how much or how little you trade and what kind of skills, services or goods you wish to offer. You are not expected to be professionally qualified but you are responsible for ensuring that you provide the services you offer to a reasonable standard.

Some of the current available skills are, amongst others: interior painting, babysitting, book keeping, loans of camping, DIY help and equipment, organic gardening, garden design, website design, laundry help, cleaning help, dog walking, therapy room hire... the list keeps growing as more new members join.

Each member can offer whatever they would like to, changing their availability as and when necessary. Transactions (ie invoices and/or payments may be done online). There is also an option to trade without using the website – please contact us if you prefer this option – and will enroll you as a ‘paper trader’ where you can use Lokes cheques instead of registering trades on the website.

You can offer the same skills that you share through your work, or you may use it as a way to get more out of your hobbies. Some trade on a weekly basis by helping with admin, cleaning or gardening; others use Norfolk Local Exchange more occasionally, perhaps selling the produce for Lokes in batches or each time there is a social event. Basically, you can use Norfolk Local Exchange as much or as little as you like once you’re a member. You can view the current list of offers in the Members Area.

WHO RUNS Norfolk Local Exchange?
Norfolk Local Exchange is a voluntary organization run by its members. If you want to get involved in the running of the organization, you’ll be made very welcome, and be paid for your time in Lokes. Open Forum meetings are regularly held where you can get involved with all kinds of creative tasks from organizing social events or promotion to secretarial and administration work.
We try to organize social events regularly, providing an opportunities for members to meet each other, bring along produce to sell for Lokes and perhaps arrange further trades.

WHO CAN JOIN Norfolk Local Exchange?
Anyone living in or around Norwich can join. Currently there are members from various parts of Norfolk as well as those who live in the city. People who are not in the city can either trade with other members in their area, commute to trade in the city or trade via the internet or telephone. The potential as we grow in numbers is very exciting and the range of skills available continues to expand and diversify.

Norfolk Local Exchange annual membership is free of charge. Donations may be made from time to time and are exchanged for Lokes.
There is also a 1 Loke per month charge (12 Lokes annually) for using the Norfolk Local Exchange service, this offsets Lokes payments made to those who volunteer to organize the service.

WHY JOIN Norfolk Local Exchange?
The range of members and the possibilities created by Norfolk Local Exchange are enormous. It can open up opportunities for people unsatisfied with their current career, allowing them to expand hobbies or pastimes into a trade. It suits both those who work full time or those currently not in work. It can help people re-enter a working lifestyle as they can trade their skills as much as they are able or wish to do.
It’s also a great way to meet like-minded people and find a community which actively supports its members’ needs. It could be a life-changing decision, where a person has had enough of what can seem like an endless treadmill of earning and spending.

Norfolk Local Exchange is a great way of maximising time. Perhaps by employing someone to do two hours of gardening each week, you can achieve so much more in those two hours by working together on the garden or focusing on other tasks. You can offer your own preferred skill on Norfolk Local Exchange for the same hourly rate. By using Norfolk Local Exchange you don’t need to exchange goods or services with the same person since you have a whole community of traders to exchange with.

One of the central benefits that Norfolk Local Exchange community members enjoy is the equal status held by each individual. For professional skills members can negotiate a higher rate per hour, but most members use s standard hourly rate equivalent to the Living Wage which means that each person can offer what they enjoy or obtain what they want from other traders without worrying about finances.
The trader may add on Lokes for the time it has taken to travel or prepare for the session. It is sometimes appropriate to add some cash into the payment for travel or materials. It is suggested that both parties agree upon amounts before the trade takes place.

You are responsible for ensuring that you can provide the services you offer to a reasonable standard and for being respectful in your dealings with other members. There is a feedback service on the website which allows members to comment on and read about trading experiences with other members.

NB You need to register your Norfolk Local Exchange activity for tax purposes if it forms part of your normal business. You should also declare your Norfolk Local Exchange activity for Income Support calculations.